The Key for Relaxation & Healing

Please enjoy this picture of deep relaxation for the Holistic Reflexology students during a crystal bowl guided meditation. The task of the Holistic Reflexologist is to bring the patient into […]

The Benefits of Holistic Reflexology

Reflexology and its results; picture of two hands holding the bottom of a foot with a blue sky in the background

Please enjoy this Holistic Reflexology testimonial from a new patient: “Just wanted to thank you for an amazing reflexology session yesterday! My feet feel greatly improved today! I was actually […]

What are you thinking?

sound healing meditation

Every thought that enters your mind creates reality. Gloria experienced this first hand. She hadn’t slept well, was worried about an important project and felt exhausted while rushing to work. […]

Your intention defines you as a person


How do you start your day? Do you wake up in the morning happy and energized, looking forward to another beautiful day? Do you know with all your heart that […]

Heart Health Starts with Love

Heart Health

Your heart is a life-giving masterpiece. Located in the center of your chest, this fist-sized double pump beats approximately 3 billion times throughout your lifetime and pumps more than 50 […]

The Art of Energetic Protection

Ohio River

Do you ever find yourself taking on other people’s energies? For example, you go to the mall and shortly after you feel extremely exhausted. Or you watch the news, see […]

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