Dorit Brauer

Dorit Brauer provides the education and tools that you need to live your best life by optimizing your health and achieving an in-depth understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit.

She offers a comprehensive approach including Guided Imagery Meditation and Trans-Generational Healing, dedicated to unlocking your highest potential, so that you can experience a life of equilibrium, fulfillment and good health.

Dorit’s Corporate Stress Reduction Program was featured on French TV

On November 1, 2012 Dorit was filmed for ‘Envoyé Spécial,’ which reported how meditation at the workplace helps employees in the US. ‘Envoyé Spécial’ is compared to CBS’s “60 minutes.”

It was filmed at Marc USA in Pittsburgh where Dorit has presented lunchtime meditations for many years. The segment was broadcasted on France 2 TV Network on November 22, 2012.

Dorit Brauer, Founder of the Brauer Institute and award winning author

Dorit Brauer is the founder and owner of the Brauer Institute for Holistic Medicine.

In 2016 she received the Immigrant Entrepreneur Award from Global Pittsburgh in recognition of her achievements and enriching the Pittsburgh region with her talent and tenacity since her arrival in 1998.

Her award-winning autobiography Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth chronicles her modern day pilgrimage in which she embarks onto a 7,430-mile solo motorcycle adventure across the US to walk labyrinths. On her journey, Dorit recounts poetic life stories spanning her youth on a dairy farm in Germany, a 10-week solo-backpacking trip in Brazil, the turmoil living in Tel Aviv, to her most recent chronicles in the United States. As Dorit travels cross-country from one labyrinth to labyrinth, these stories are woven together intricately to provide insights allowing the reader to reflect on their own spiritual journey.

2022 she designed and created the Labyrinth in the Meditation Garden at Nemacolin Resort in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Dorit Brauer’s holistic medicine articles have been published in Pennsylvania Health & Fitness magazine, Point of Light magazine, Reflexology Across America, a publication of the Reflexology Association of America, as well as The South African Reflexology Society Journal. She offers the only 300-hour Professional Holistic Reflexology Certification Program in the state of Pennsylvania.

In 2005, she received her Certification in Systemic Family Constellations from the Hellinger Institute in Washington DC and in the fall of 2005, she became certified as a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator with Dr. Lauren Artress. In 2009, she successfully completed the Advanced Systemic Family Constellation Training in Washington DC.

She is a graduate of the Mahut College for Complementary Medicine and Holism in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has practiced Holistic Reflexology and taught Meditation & Guided Imagery at the Center for Complementary Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dorit Brauer also taught for Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and at other corporate sites.

Please visit Dorit’s Artist and Author web-site for information her newest art projects and news about her book and travels. For a complete list of all upcoming workshops, courses and speaking engagements, please check out the Events List.

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