Online Classes

A New Life: Lessons for the Interconnected World and Finding Peace Within

Meditations, Mindfulness Exercises & Evolving Consciousness

Join us for this class and learn new tools for finding inner peace in times of global crisis. Learn to strengthen your Immune System. Overcome Fear. Evolve.

Topics of Classes

  • Connect to your Higher Power
  • Boost your Immune System
  • Overcome Fear
  • Transcend Polarity
  • Experience Unity and the Oneness of All That Is
  • Learn who you really are as a Human Being
  • Create your Inner Sanctuary
  • Evolve your Consciousness
  • Metaphysics 101
  • Mutual Responsibility


Online: Via Zoom Invitation upon receiving your payment.

Dates:    Mondays 7 – 8 pm EST, starting 3. 23.2020

Reservations must be made by Sunday prior to meeting.

Online Classes with Dorit Brauer

Pay Now – $20 USD

Cancellation Policy: No refunds.

Feel free to direct questions to Dorit


Online 4-week Open Your Heart Course

Join this life-changing meditation course!

Newest scientific research shows that the heart contains around 40.000 brain-like cells called sensory neurites, which can store information independently from the brain. The electrical field of the heart is a 100 times stronger than the brain’s electrical field and the magnetic field is 5000 times stronger.

Western society emphasizes the brain, as our center for reasoning, thinking and logic. This is the time where you are invited to shift your focus back from your brain to your heart-center in order to regain balance and inner peace.

  • Journey within
  • Open your heart
  • Connect to your inner being
  • Overcome fear
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Experience the power of self-love
  • Learn creating inner peace, joy, love and healthy relationships


Each session features two original guided meditations by Dorit Brauer.

Comprehensive class material will be e-mailed following each lesson for your at home study.

Please be inspired by the testimonials and see how this course will benefit you!

Students who completed Dorit’s 8-week meditation classes at the Center for Integrative Medicine at UPMC and at Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield experienced the following benefits:

  • 75% improved sleep
  • 74% decreased pain
  • 82% improved concentration and energy level
  • 92% decreased anxiety
  • 100% improved well-being and ability to cope with stress

Online: Via Zoom Invitation upon receiving your payment.

Dates:  4 lessons starting Wednesday April 8. to April 29.2020

7 – 8:30 pm EST















Pay Now – $95 USD

Cancellation Policy: No refunds.

Feel free to direct questions to Dorit