Reflexology connects mind, body & spirit

By Lorraine Gregus, The Almanac Reflexology is a calm, soothing manipulation of pressure points of the feet. Based on ancient Chinese medicine, it enhances the self-healing power of the body, strengthens the immune system, reduces pain and provides deep relaxation. Restful sleep, stress relief and a healthy body. Isn’t this what we all strive for? […]

In Search Of… The Spiritual Journey of Labyrinths

In Chartiers Valley, Summer 2012, by Heather Holtschlag It was her childhood friend’s death at age 15 that got Scott Township resident Dorit Brauer thinking about her own life. “I began searching for answers to questions like, ‘Where did she go?’ ‘What happens after we die’ and ‘What is the purpose of life?’ Brauer said. […]

Labyrinths guide walkers on spiritual path

by Deana Carpenter, South Hills Living, February 2012 When someone hears the word “labyrinth” many things can come to mind – a wooden toy maze that tilts or even a 1986 Jim Henson feature film. Labyrinths are often confused with mazes, but unlike a maze, which can be confusing, a labyrinth is a single pathway […]

Meditation & Motorcycles

Wise Women, December 2011, by Kim Epp Frenette Many pay lip service to living in the moment; Dorit Brauer actually does it. When you are with Dorit, she is with you; not thinking of her next appointment, not revisiting the day before, not checking her messages. The woman doesn’t even own a cell phone. She […]

Why Pittsburgh?

By Point of Light, Winter 2008 Print this article: Why Pittsburgh PDF Version Dorit Brauer gets around. Born and raised in Germany, trained in complementary medicine in Israel, and fresh off her 7430 mile cross-country motorcycle trip (upon which she walked 46 labyrinths—but that’s another story), to say she gets around is an understatement. Even […]

Reflexology: A Step to Better Health

By Lorraine Gregus, The Almanac, June 18, 2008 It’s surprising how frequently our lives are directed by the people we meet. Often during a crucial time a person we hardly know helps to guide us down the right path- many times without even knowing. Two years ago I met Dorit Brauer as she welcomed folks […]

Paths to Reflection: Labyrinths lead woman to a new life in Ventura


By Brett Johnson, Ventura County Star, November 28, 2006 Labyrinths and motorcycles – it makes perfect sense to Dorit Brauer, new to Ventura and into another of life’s chapters. She left a budding career in Pittsburgh for a six-week cross-country road trip this summer, just her and her Suzuki Bandit, toting both saddlebags and spiritual […]