Why Pittsburgh?

By Point of Light, Winter 2008

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Dorit Brauer gets around. Born and raised in Germany, trained in complementary medicine in Israel, and fresh off her 7430 mile cross-country motorcycle trip (upon which she walked 46 labyrinths—but that’s another story), to say she gets around is an understatement.

Even in her newly adopted hometown, she seems to be everywhere, whether its practicing reflexology at UPMC’s Integrated Medicine Center in Shadyside, or teaching meditation for Highmark or as part of your place of work’s corporate wellness program, or building a labyrinth for the Cameron Wellness Center in Washington PA and of course facilitating the opening ceremony, complete with singing crystal bowls.

She shared with us her answer to the question “Why do you choose to live here?”

I noticed that Pittsburghers sometimes display low self-esteem about their city, but you have good reason to be proud. Pittsburgh is awesome. This is my list of why I love Pittsburgh so much:

1. I love Pittsburgh because of its people. Pittsburghers are loyal, honest and down to earth.

2. It has small town flair with a big city atmosphere, offering world-class art, culture, and entertainment.

3. Pittsburgh has beautiful beaches, only two hours away on Lake Erie. I love the nature around Pittsburgh. Everything is green and I enjoy taking my motorcycle for a ride to the Laurel Mountains and Ohiopyle.

4. Pittsburgh’s energy is very unique, because of its three rivers and the fourth underneath, which feeds the fountain.

5. The cost of living is affordable, allowing for an excellent quality of life and a relaxed lifestyle.

6. The Pittsburgh International Airport is located conveniently close to the city. It is an important factor if you like to travel a lot.

7. I love the rich diversity and the vibrant multicultural character of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, e.g. Little Italy in Bloomfield, Deutschtown in Allegheny East, and I also have met a wonderful Israeli friend in Squirrel Hill.

8. I cherish the spectacular view of downtown Pittsburgh, when exiting the Fort Pitt Tunnel. There is nothing like it in the world.

9. I am blessed to have the most wonderful friends in Pittsburgh. It is said that if you make a friend in Pittsburgh you have found a friend for life.

10.Since my move to California, I found myself defending Pittsburgh many times. People, who have not visited Pittsburgh, often think of it as a polluted steel-city. My dear friend Erin Hart said: “If you are defending our city, you are a real Pittsburgher.”

For more on Dorit, including photos of her travels, visit www.DoritBrauer.com

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