Your intention defines you as a person

How do you start your day?

Do you wake up in the morning happy and energized, looking forward to another beautiful day?

Do you know with all your heart that everything good comes to you easily and things always work out in the most perfect and divine way?

Do you look forward to the wonderful people you will meet, knowing that they come into your life to enrich you and to serve your highest good?

Do you always expect the best?

Or – do you wake up in the morning exhausted, dreading another busy day – filled with activities you don’t really enjoy doing?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the last question it is time to set a clear intention for the day.

Every thought that enters your mind creates reality. As you think, so you are. You truly have the power to reprogram your mind and create the reality you want. By consciously deciding to have a perfect day, you become the creator of your reality.

C.G. Jung stated that we live in an intelligent and responsive universe which acts and interacts with us towards our best interest. The universe will assist you in every way. Pay attention to synchronicities and meaningful encounters.

Every morning as you awaken spend ten to fifteen minutes visualizing your perfect day. See everything working out easily; see yourself in the flow and good things all around. See that every person enters your life to enrich you and presents new delightful opportunities. Invite happiness, joy, ease and health into your life.

You can integrate the practice of setting your intention into your every day activities, e.g. as you are driving to work. Instead of listening to the radio, focus your thoughts on visualizing your perfect day.

You have the power to change your reality right now. Yes, it is that easy to create a wonderful and happy day. Practice this exercise daily for two weeks and notice positive changes in your life. Always expect the best.


Every thought that enters your mind creates reality. Always envision and except the best.


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