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Every language has its uniqueness and specific idioms, which you can not find in any other language. Occasionally it happens that I want to say something in English and there is no direct translation available for the perfect expression I know in Hebrew or German.

I love Hebrew. The language is ancient and every single word has a deeper meaning. It truly enriches my life to consider this incredible wisdom. For example:

The Hebrew word for dog is ‘Celev.’ Literally translated it means: Like a heart. Now look at the dogs behavior and you will see that this is a perfect description. Dogs open our hearts and teach us about unconditional love. You can always trust that your dog will wag its tail and be happy to see you, no matter what. This true and unconditional love opens our hearts.

Also consider if you see a connection between the words BREATH and SOUL. In Hebrew they have the same root, ‘neshima’ and ‘neshama’. Also HEALING and RELAXATION are closely connected, ‘ripui’ and ‘rafui’.

Latin is a great teacher, too. MEDICINE and MEDITATION do have the same roots. There is the Latin ‘mederi’, which means to find the right measure or the right balance. As well as the Latin ‘meditari’ which means to let go or to let happen. This is an important consideration, since our Western thinking teaches us to be in control, to achieve and to make things happen. We are always active, but sometimes it is just as important to let go, give up control and enjoy the flow of life.

Certain expressions clearly illuminate the difference in thinking and the difference in the perception of the world. In America when you go to your doctor he will ask: “What is wrong with you?” In Germany your doctor will ask: “What is missing?” (Was fehlt Ihnen?) Take a moment and reflect upon these two approaches.

Which one of these two questions makes you feel better? The holistic approach to medicine teaches that all answers are within. I ask my students and Reflexology clients what is missing and the answers flow immediately and often show the solution for their healing and well-being.

Please take a few deep breaths to your abdomen. Inhale and exhale easily. With every breath you become more calm and quiet. Take a few moments and reflect upon your life.

See if there is anything that does not feel right. It may be any area of your life, your body, your work, your relationships, etc. Then ask yourself: “What is missing?” or “Who is missing?” Continue to breathe to your abdomen and then open yourself to receive the answers.

Practice this exercise daily. You may want to take notes and keep a journal. Your answers show you the way to the solution. Please do not ignore them. Learn to trust yourself and listen to your inner voice; and always expect the best.

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