A Daily Dose of Pleasure is the Best Form of Preventative Medicine

What will you do, to make today the perfect day of your life?

The other day I had the perfect day. I was busy completing the tasks on my to-do list when I realized that the weather was gorgeous and I’d rather be outdoors riding my motorcycle.

I allowed myself a two-hour break from work, got on my bike and enjoyed zooming along my favorite country roads. I followed the rolling hills through Burgettstown, Avella, and on the way to Hickory, I stopped at Cross Creek Lake. Bright sunlight turned the ripples of the water into silver. Geese flew over and into the distance and their distinctive honk resonated through the air. I enjoyed a moment of quiet reflection.

Then I continued my ride and felt inspired by meaningful inscriptions on the bulletin boards of country churches.
They said: “Start your day with gratitude, instead of attitude.”
And: “Life is not about surviving the storm, but about learning to dance in the rain.”

Yes, life can be easy and delightful, if we follow these simple truths. However, most of us rush through our demanding every day activities without taking time for ourselves. We are so busy accomplishing one task after the other we don’t even rest to catch a breath.

A quote from the Talmud states:

“When you die, God and the angels will hold you accountable for all the pleasures you were allowed in life that you denied yourself.”

Please, take a look at your day, every day, and ask yourself how you can bring more pleasure into your life. Make a list of pleasurable activities, e.g. a walk in nature, lunch with a friend, a hot relaxing bath, etc. Then schedule time for fun and pleasure in your planner.

A daily dose of pleasure increases the quality of your life and is the best form of preventative medicine. It uplifts your heart, so you may easily learn to dance in the rain. And most importantly: there will be no need to hold you accountable for all the pleasures you were allowed in life that you denied yourself.


Cross Creek Lake near Avella, Pennsylvania
Cross Creek Lake near Avella, Pennsylvania. A great place to relax and replenish.
This is the question I always carry with me in my motorcycle tank bag. A life not reflected upon is a life not lived. Ask yourself: What is the reason for the reality you experience?


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