Problem solving made easy

Did you ever consider that every problem already contains its solution?

By nature, a problem can not exist without its solution. This is the law of polarity, opposites create one another and could not exist without one another. For example, day and night, man and woman, big and small, up and down, rational and irrational, problem and solution.

Every problem in your life can be seen as an invitation for spiritual growth and change.

In order to reach the solution an internal development is required.


Just look back on your life and you will see that every problem you ever faced eventually resolved itself and resulted into a solution. Evaluate the inner processes you had to experience in order to reach the new place. The process changed you and you had to let go of some of your beliefs, perceptions and judgments.

Our quality of life is an immediate result of our perceptions and attitudes towards the things that happen to us.

I would like to share a powerful meditation, which will help you to deal with the problems in your life in a better way.



The solution to every problem that presents itself to you right now, already exists in a future place. In spirit there is no time and space. This means that you are spiritually able to access the vibration of the solution at this moment.

Sit in a comfortable chair and focus on abdominal breathing. With every breath you take you become more calm and quite. Close your eyes and visualize a sphere of light. You hold it with both of your hands. This is the sphere of your solution.

Feel its gentle vibration and energy. This energy streams through your hands and fills your entire body. Then it engulfs you entirely and extends all around you.

Meditate with your sphere of light for as often and as long as you wish. As you become a vessel for this new light vibration you become in tune with the solution and it can manifest itself in your life.

Expect miracles to happen.

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