The Art of Energetic Protection

Do you ever find yourself taking on other people’s energies?

For example, you go to the mall and shortly after you feel extremely exhausted. Or you watch the news, see something terrible happen and you feel drained, depressed or anxious.

Or your co-workers don’t get along and after every meeting with them you feel aggressive or angry.

These are examples of taking on other people’s energies and emotions.

I would like to share two releasing exercises.

1. Energetic Protection:

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to your abdomen. Visualize a radiant bright shining ball of light above your head. From this ball of light you draw radiant light into your body, feel it reverberating within every cell. Enjoy the pure light vibration of radiant health, happiness, joy, fulfillment, harmony, balance, love and inner peace.

Now extend this light around your physical body, creating a protective bubble of radiant light. This shield of light surrounds you like an eggshell, extending 3 – 4 feet beyond your body. Only the highest and purest vibration enters from the outside. You are safe and secure in your shield of light, protected from negative influences.

Make this meditation part of your daily practice and you will notice an elevated level of energy, less mood swings, and a continuous positive outlook on life. Everything works out for you in a better and easier way.

2. Releasing Statement:

If you know the person whose energies you have picked up, the releasing statement is an efficient tool to free yourself. Simply put: You leave the issue with the person who owns it. Literally, it is none of your business. Life is so much easier if we don’t take on other people’s problems.

Visualize that person or the people involved in front of you and say:

“I leave it with you. I take responsibility for my part, the rest I leave with you. Everything that does not belong to me, I now give it back to you. In this way I honor your destiny and I am free to live my own.”

You may visualize a package or symbol for whatever it is that you carried for that person and hand it back to them.

An interesting observation is that people gain strength if they take full responsibility for their issues and their own destiny. Everyone of us is fully capable to handle our own destiny.

A person who intends to ease someone’s suffering by taking on their problems, actually creates the opposite result. They weaken themselves, as well as the person who suffers the issue.

This means that if you would like to make this world a better place, take full responsibility for your destiny.

Manifest your dreams, live the best life you can live and let your light shine bright and radiant.

Find a place in nature that nourishes your soul and you are instantly energetically protected.

My meditation bench on the Ohio River. It has become my outer and inner sanctuary which nourishes my soul, even if I am not physically there.


Find the place within you that is sacred. Your own inner sanctuary. That is where you will always be safe and energetically protected.


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