Cancer Caring Meditation Protocol

I had the great pleasure to collaborate with Lori Ball, founder of Faith & Gratitude – Empowering Cancer Patients, at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art and present my Cancer Caring Meditation Workshop. 

My career in Holistic Medicine in the US began at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in 1998. I had the great priviledge to work on the team of Dr. David Servan-Schreiber for four years and specialized in teaching guided meditation for cancer care. 

Systematic evaluations of my classes were conducted and students who completed my courses experienced the following benefits:

  • 75% improved sleep
  • 74% reported decreased pain
  • 82% improved concentration and energy level
  • 92% decreased anxiety
  • 100% improved well-being and ability to cope with stress

Begin Your Healing Journey Today

I invite you to begin your healing journey today and practice daily the Cancer Caring Healing Meditation Protocol, which I recommend to all patients and their support network. 

Together with Lori Ball, founder of Faith & Gratitude – Empowering Cancer Patients.

Medicine and Meditation

First of all I would like to bring your awareness to a different perception of reality and the importance for your healing journey. 

In ancient times Medicine and Meditation were closely connected together.

In Latin the words Medicine and Meditation have the same roots! 

The Latin ‘mederi’ means to find the right measure or the right balance. And the Latin ‘meditari’ means to let go or to let happen. 

Both are important considerations for health and healing. Especially since our Western thinking teaches us to be in control, to achieve and to make things happen. We are conditioned to always be in charge. 

However the true origin of the Latin roots for Medicine and Meditation teach us, that it is equally important to let go and give up control.


Healing and Relaxation

For me, as a Hebrew speaker, I know that the root of the words Breath and Soul is the same. 

Conscious Breath Work is, of course, an important part of meditation. In Hebrew Breath is ‘neshima’ נְשִׁימָה and Soul is ‘neshama’ נְשָׁמָה.

Also Healing and Relaxation share the same root: ‘ripui’ רִפּוּי and ‘rafui’ רָפוּי.

Our ancestors knew about these important connections.

What is missing?

Every language has its uniqueness and specific idioms, which you can not find in any other language. Certain expressions clearly illuminate the difference in thinking.

In America when you go to your doctor he will ask: “What is wrong with you?” In Germany your doctor will ask: “What is missing?” (Was fehlt Ihnen?) 

Please take a moment and reflect upon these two approaches. 

You may breathe to your abdomen and invite the answers to come. You may write your insights in a journal. 

Which one of these two questions makes you feel better?

Cancer Caring Healing Meditation Protocol

Medical Disclaimer: The Cancer Caring Healing Meditation Protocol does not substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a medical professional or health care provider if you are seeking medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Under NO circumstances stop treatment suggested by your medical physician. The Cancer Caring Healing Meditation Protocol is designed to reduce stress during and after conventional medical treatment.

1.) Please start every morning with the 2-minute Evolving Consciousness Statements. Set a positive intention for the day.

2.) At least once a day practice the Gratitude for your Body Meditation. Gratitude is a force that propels you forward and promotes healing. While some cells in your body may not fulfill their tasks properly, there are at the same time billions of cells functioning perfectly, filled with health. Focus on your healthy cells, increase your sense of health and build your resilience.

3.) Every night before sleep practice the Healing Temple Guided Meditation. Learn to shift your consciousness towards healing and good health. Relax, let go and learn to embrace your healthy self.

Write your Happiness Journal

Every single student I saw at UPMC had to write a happiness journal. Every day take the time to write down a few happy memories. It can be as simple as a memory of watching a beautiful sunset, seeing a pretty flower in bloom or the big ones, e.g. weddings, the birth of a child, etc. The most important factor is consistency. Do this every day!

Scientific Research has shown that focusing on happy moments increases your immune system health. It’s that easy. Wouldn’t you want to have a stronger immune system?

In addition, your Happiness Journal can be your resource in difficult times; just sit for 10 minutes every day and recall the smiles, the light, the joy, the happiness. Dwell in your happy moments, feel them as if they were happening right now and you will begin to feel a shift.

And yes, even if times are tough you are allowed to focus on happiness and well-being.

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