Please enjoy the student testimonials, which illuminate how my teachings may benefit you.

Scientific studies have proven that the regular practice of meditation and guided imagery has many positive benefits. These include: control of blood pressure with less medication, reduction in chronic pain, improvements in sleep, reduction of premenstrual symptoms, reduction of nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing chemotherapy, reduction in anxiety and so on.

Systematic evaluations of my classes were conducted as I taught for Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and at the Center for Complementary Medicine at UPMC Shadyside.

Students who completed the 8-week course experienced the following benefits:

  • 75% improved sleep
  • 74% reported decreased pain
  • 82% improved concentration and energy level
  • 92% decreased anxiety
  • 100% improved well-being and ability to cope with stress


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Testimonial for Manifest your Destiny–Kabbalah Meditation Course:


Thank you, Dorit. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to transform our lives in so many ways. I am sure that this is not an ending, but a continuation and manifestation of all the seeds you have planted in us.
The journey these ten weeks has been greater than I could have imagined. Life-changing really.


Thank you Dorit!  I loved every meditation, and enjoyed every class.  Kabbalah is much richer and real to me now, and I am excited about the insights and changes I’m experiencing.  I have a much more embodied sense of ease, happiness and newness.  It’s a big beautiful world, and you are a bright light. 


Thanks for the awesome 10 weeks, Dorit!  Dreams are coming true!


Before I met Dorit, I was my toughest critic. I remember my first class (Open Your Heart) and I struggled to write down 20, even 10 positive things about myself. At the time, I was going through a divorce and struggling with the life decision I had imposed on my children. Through meditation, Dorit taught me that I had to look for the love and the beauty in life. And it worked, my friends remarked on how I smiled more and how much happier I seemed.

Through a deeper appreciation of the gifts we have and that God has given us I find myself with a more open and positive outlook on life, towards people and most importantly of myself. Through Dorit’s classes, you will watch yourself become less judgmental of other people and more at peace with the curves life throws you. One of my favorite mantras I’ve taken away from class is that “you’re always in the right place at the right time.” I don’t ever let the situation get me down because it often turns out there was a reason I was late that day, ran into that old boss, or discovered something new.

I now look at all these situations both negative and positive as opportunities and doors opening for me. I owe so much to Dorit. I feel like I have so much control over where I go and what I do now.


The Manifest Your Destiny Class was the second class I’ve taken from Dorit. This class has helped my to begin to change my outlook on my life since experiencing a personal loss that could have devastated my life.

Instead of feeling lost I now feel like I am beginning a journey of finding myself again. I’ve made some new goals, meditate daily, focus on the positive aspects of my life and appreciate the gifts I’ve received.

I’ve also learned to let go of things that have been holding me back from living my life to its fullest. By learning this lesson, I’m learning to embrace the important lessons so I can receive all the wonderful things the universe has to offer me as I find my way through it. Thanks to a wonderful friend who introduced me to Dorit. I say YES and THANK YOU!!!


I was blessed to meet Dorit in the late 90’s and attended her very first meditation class she taught in the United States. I am a Chiropractor and a Reiki Master so I have been to lots of energy courses but none as rewarding as Dorit’s!

I am completely amazed at how much I learned in the 10 week course Manifest Your Destiny! It is the most wonderful feeling to realize your ultimate dreams are easily attainable. You just have to clear out the obstacles in your way, which is 99% of the problem in the first place.

Dorit helped me when I was stuck into believing I was never going to have all the things I used to dream about. Now I believe I can have everything and much more than I ever would of believed! You can have your wildest dreams come true with her guidance and the tools provided in the class !

My life has changed dramatically especially with my wife who also took the class with me! We are much happier together and enjoy our time together! I am more calm and relaxed when stressful situations occur as well. I now have the tools to handle any problem that arises. I also know that there is no use in worrying because everything is happening to make me a better person.

The meditation techniques Dorit teaches can be used in all areas of your life. The experience was very rewarding and I especially enjoyed the new found clarity of what I am supposed to do with my life! My goals in life have changed drastically and I can see all good things coming to me easily and effortlessly. Dorit’s coaching and experience with family constellations amazed me! I will definitely do the course over and over again!

I highly recommend anyone interested in clearing out the negativity in your life and wanting a positive outlook to attend Dorit’s 10 week class! It is well worth it!

Alisa James

This is the fourth meditation class I have taken with Dorit. Many of the concepts that we explored in earlier classes really clicked with me through this Kabbalah class. The idea that anything is possible. The idea that you are your own barrier to not achieving the things you want in and out of life. We so often stand in our own way of our greater good. I have learned through this 10 week class that living my dream is entirely attainable. It is the most wonderful feeling to realize!


I joined the Manifest your Destiny meditation class with a desire to find inner calm and direction for the second half of my life. Approximately one year had passed since the completion of my most recent graduate degree and I was ready for new opportunities.

The 10 week Kabbalah centered meditation class was life altering in that it showed me the possibilities that exist, the relationships that are waiting, and the realities that can result if we choose to attune to ideas and emotions that are above the din of the daily frenzy that we refer to as reality.

During the 10 week period, there were exciting events. I was offered the job of my dreams.  The journey was amazing and I would highly recommend the course to those who are searching for change.

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Testimonials of students who completed the 10-week Live your Dream Course:

Cheryle Campbell

I believe I was directed to take Dorit Brauer’s meditation class at this time because of a stressful situation involving a relative’s illness. I expected to feel better as a result of taking the class, but I didn’t expect the result I actually experienced.

Dorit, using her gift to animate the singing bowls, combined with a new meditation she created, helped inspire a series of awakenings and knowledge connections. Her newest meditation, “Open your Heart and receive God’s Love” is fluid, probing, and dynamic creating a threshold for inner exploration, awareness and release.

Her class is very special and the people attending added a special dimension to self discovery. For me it came at a time of need—need to build a bridge across the current of uncertainty. It helped me to lift the weight resting on my shoulders in metaphorical terms. In physical consciousness, I found that by the end of the 10-week class , I had actually been relieved of a persistent ache that had been my companion for several years.

While the issues that I brought to the class are not “resolved”, I have worked through them to the point of having tools to use readily to lift the burden from my shoulders.

The experience was rewarding, enriching and truly one that will carry with me as one of the best “class” experiences I have had.

Dorit’s gentle, yet insightful, coaching and counseling gave great meaning to the class and helped to cement a bonding relationship among the participants.

Shirley Mayton

The meditation techniques that Dorit teaches have helped me to realize and experience how my thinking (negative and positive) materializes in my life. These techniques have both increased my awareness of how I think and my ability to change these thoughts in real-time into more positive expectations. I feel I have more control over how I experience my day-to-day world.

I feel these techniques are extremely practical for everyday life and I do use them daily. I have really seen a difference in my ability to change my self-defeatist thinking, decrease negativity, and improve my sense of well-being. I now feel it’s possible to achieve my dreams and see it happening in my life today!

Here’s an example of practical application:

I am an adult education teacher and in one experience which I will never forget, I brought a lot of negative expectations into the classroom – you wouldn’t believe what happened – everything went haywire; the projector broke, the flip charts fell off the wall and the air-conditioning went on the blink. It was a wake up call for me. Now, before every class I visualize positive energy and expectations and, if possible, do heart chakra vocalizations. I have noticed an increase in scores from student evaluations and more frequent comments regarding the value of what was learned in class. I myself feel more confident and less stressed.

Female, age 42

This course has opened many doors for me, made me more aware and realize how important it is to meditate. I would never have been open to taking any risks (purchasing my own company) before I became aware of my inner self.

Female, age 23

I really enjoyed this course. At first it was difficult to open up to strangers, but through the 10 weeks I would look forward to class and really enjoyed all the new things I learned every week. I am sleeping better. I fall asleep sooner without much tossing and turning.

I do not wake up any longer in the middle of the night. I have started to make things happen and I find that I am overcoming my fears that I have when it comes to the future. Specifically for me – finding a new job and what I want for a career. Now I see opportunities instead of obstacles. It is a much more positive way of thinking.

Male, age 38

My intuition has truly been awakened. I have far less stress and worries in my life. I feel I can have anything I want. I realize I deserve the best and would like to thank you for helping me through my journey in life. I feel I will make better choices in my life.

Male, age 51

During one of the sessions I was in a great deal of pain and was considering going out and taking pain medication. During meditation I became so pain free and relaxed that I was able to fall asleep. Some evenings I took a few hours off from work to come to class and after had to return to work to finish my shift. My co-workers have noticed the change and how relaxed I seem and have asked about the classes. The course was immensely helpful, providing a groundwork for stress management and coping when I was diagnosed with cancer 2 month ago. The meditation⁄visualization kept me centered and calm.


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Testimonials of students who completed the 4-week Open your Heart Course

“The OPEN YOUR HEART course was an unique opportunity to find peace within myself. Through a mix of conversation and meditation, I was able to discover and find value in my strengths, explore and appreciate what’s contributed to where I am now, and then set a course and a plan for where I want to be in the future. Dorit provided exceptional direction, and—best of all — tools to take away and continue to open my heart!”

“Thank you for the best class I have ever taken. It was Life Changing!”

“Thru The Open Your Heart Meditative Journey Dorit provided the tools for me to learn how to love myself, which in turn has allowed others to love me. Shortly after beginning The Journey a very special lady came into my life. We have developed a very unique and special relationship with qualities we have never experienced with any others. Our relationship has weathered problems and continues to thrive. Learning how to love yourself opens the door for others to love you.”

“I walked away from the Meditative Journey with a serene feeling about my life that was brought about by an awareness of what I can and cannot control in my life. I learned what I can control and to accept that which I cannot. I learned to let go of that I couldn’t control to allow God to continue His work with my life. I learned to accept powerlessness where I have no power to change things, and allow my life to become manageable.”

“I took the Open Your Heart course because I felt like the weight of responsibilities and pressures in my life was causing me to drift further and further from my true self. I wanted to find my way back to the sense of balance and inner peace I used to have. The weekly meditations helped me to reconnect with my self, the quiet place within me. I gained valuable insights from the meditations and discussions, and also developed greater awareness and appreciation of my own strengths and attributes. Dorit is a caring and gifted teacher. I would highly recommend the Open Your Heart course to anyone who is seeking to grow and learn, whatever their reasons or circumstances.”

“This course was amazing! After this course I felt much calmer, peaceful, and more capable of loving myself and others. I use the techniques learned daily to “let go and let God” take care of my concerns and problems from trivial to overwhelming. I’ve also noticed an increase in answers coming to me, presenting themselves without much effort on my part – in fact, soon after taking the course a special man come into my life and we are still dating! I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to become more loving of self and others and more receptive of the many miracles life has to offer – if we just open our hearts and accept them.”

“I had once heard that the human heart was made ‘to love forever’. After I thought about that statement, I realized that my heart was in no condition to love forever. It had been broken, and it had broken other hearts. My heart was in need of repair. I needed to do a makeover of what was inside of myself and of how I viewed myself as well as others. The ‘Open Your Heart to God’s Love’ meditations helped me to let go of the past and to focus on the now. It helped me to realize that when we learn to believe and really let God’s love into our hearts, He will help us to see situations and people differently, the way He sees them. The meditations helped me to also realize that the little saying, ‘Let go and let God’ really works when it’s put into practice.”

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Testimonials for the Two Hour Creating Miracles Workshop


I want to thank you for such a great meditation last Tuesday. I felt a lot of wonderful energies and I’m excited about the vision of things really “exploding” in the next year. I truly believe it.

I just wanted to share another benefit that came out of the meditation for me. I’ve been having trouble with my right shoulder lately. It seems to “click” out of place or gets stuck sometimes and hurts, if I reach a certain way.

During the meditation, my shoulder started throbbing. It seemed to be vibrating with the crystal bowls. It was really hurting, which was very strange because it never hurts when it is at rest. I only feel a “catch” or strain when I reach backwards. I ignored the pain and it went away during the meditation. That night, I realized that my shoulder was much better. Now, I’m able to circle my arm completely around, without having it “catch” or hurt. I can feel very little of the previous strain.

I think that’s amazing, and that it definitely has to do with the positive energy. I’ve learned that when you’re in a very good feeling mood, or a state of love and appreciation, pain cannot dwell in the same place. It simply disappears. Thank you so much.


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Testimonials for the 10 week Everyday Happiness Meditation Course


I can’t tell you enough how the Happiness Course has made a difference for me. Although I’ve studied a number of classes with Dorit Brauer over the years, this class was extra special and the most meaningful I’ve taken.

Even though I’m happy by nature, I knew I needed to take my game to the next level because of certain life challenges and this course came at just the right time. The result after just 10 weeks is a lasting understanding of what happiness really is, how to get it and how to find it again when it hides in a shadow. I couldn’t recommend the Happiness class more. I’m grateful for having had this life-lasting experience.

Thank you, Dorit, for so many things. You have made a difference in my life and consequently in many other persons’ lives whom I have encountered. None of us is alone. I’m grateful to you for your love, strength and most of all, sharing.


In the Happiness Course I learned that happiness comes from human connection. The happiness circles are a big part of it and I loved idea to influence our environment in a positive way.

Also with regards to interconnectedness I realized that if I start thinking about every single person I meet as my cousin, I relate totally different to the world. I feel that all these feelings and judgments we have about people, if they were our cousins we wouldn’t have those. I love my cousins.

If good things happen, then I am happy for you; if you trip, then I am going to help you stand up. We just need to start thinking about the whole world as our cousins, all of us as the human race are related.

If this happiness thing really could instill into the world that we are all connected, and we understand that all of us can only be as strong as the weakest link, then we are one.

This course taught me to create a movement of energy. It really made me wonder why people stay in a place that doesn’t make them happy. Most people stay stuck in their drama, and that becomes the story of who they are and that is boring. Stop telling the same story. Think about your future self, put your next step forward. If this life is just the preparation for the next, will you make different choices?

This course really clicked for me. I highly recommend it!


When I started the course I was at a point where I was cutting the negative, unhealthy people and patterns out of my life, so I was very isolated.

My fellow students made such a great difference, because they helped me build my circles of happiness from their connections. In the beginning is wasn’t easy, because I didn’t know some of the people I sent inspirations to, but their responses reinforced what I was doing. It opened my mind to look for more positive and fun things in everyday life. I was at a place where I needed inspiration, and I came to realize that by giving inspiration I also received it.

It totally lifted my mood. I began to feel a responsibility to my fellow human beings, and not only to the people in my circle of happiness. It reminded me that everybody adds value. It began to feel as if my circle represents everyone. I make a conscious choice every day to practice the concepts I have learned in this course.

For me the definition of what success might be changed throughout the Happiness Course. I learned that connection is what life is all about. The course was transformational, and I would highly recommend it. My favorite line since this course is: “Happy Good Morning.” And I say it every day now.


The lasting tool that I take away from the Happiness Course is the ability of self-reflection by engaging others. The course gave me the ability to connect not only with my own circle of happiness but it gave me a mirror and the ability to self reflect.

Dorit said that at the beginning: “We can’t do this alone.” So to me the Happiness Course gave me the chance to remember that happiness does not come from the bigger events in life and the bigger wants and needs in life, but rather to be reminded that happiness is in every moment if we choose to see it. Happiness is living and breathing a beautiful morning. Happiness is waking up, snuggling to my kids. Happiness is preparing an amazing meal. Happiness is watching the people around you grow and watching their moods change and shift.

The other thing that was so apparent to me was how connected we really are. So in those moments where I may not have been feeling something during the day, then a message would pop up and it would lift my spirits. Knowing that someone else was happy made me happy for them. That sense of feeling happiness for someone else then in turn builds internal happiness. So for me feeling happy for you, made me happy.

The Happiness Course really made me elated a lot and taught me that happiness is a choice. And that happiness takes work. But I choose to be happy. I choose to say yes and thank you. Sometimes I had to remind myself of that fact and that I had a choice, and it was work but in the end it was worth it. I would totally recommend this course.


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