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Individual Trans-Generational Healing Consultations

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A Trans-Generational Healing Consultation is a solution-based approach to healing. It allows you to connect to your roots and reveals the hidden dynamics in your family of origin. Difficult fates and traumatic experiences in previous generations may continue to create havoc as a hidden pattern in the present generation. Learn to reveal the secrets and mysteries in your family of origin, heal and let the love flow.

How can Trans-Generational Healing help you?

Every family experiences drama, trauma and tragedies. Some common family trauma includes consequences of:

  • Early & Premature Deaths
  • Ostracized Family Members
  • Children of Separated or Divorced Parents
  • Adopted Children
  • Abortions, Miscarriages and Stillborn Children
  • Descendants of Minorities or Slaves
  • War, Holocaust & Terrorism Survivors


A Trans-Generational Healing consultation assists you in resolving the unhealthy entanglements with your family, thus enabling you to experience inner peace and the freedom to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

What does Trans-Generational Healing look like?

The client chooses members from the group to represent some of their family members. When tuned into the system, these representatives feel the effects of the family dynamics. The facilitator works with the representatives to restore balance, respect, dignity and love between all members of the family. Everyone attending the seminar is able to feel the effect of these entanglements — and the peace that results from their resolution.

With each session the client receives a recording of a personalized Ancestral Strength Meditation, tailored specifically to the needs of their family system.


Please enjoy these client testimonials and see how the systemic solutions approach can help you:


Thank you Dorit for all the wonderful work you have done with me. I love working with my ancestors and getting to the root of many of my issues with myself and my family. I have gained so much encouragement with dealing with my deep rooted family issues within myself by receiving Trans-Generational Healing. I feel you always find the perfect solution to helping solve my problems. You are the best at what you do in regards to guided imagery and healing with the help of my ancestors. I am so grateful for all you have done with me over the past 20 years of our friendship. I highly recommend you to all my patients and for anyone looking to gain insight to the root all of their issues. My health and well being are the best they have ever been since our last session with regards to my life, relationships and business! I feel fantastic for my bright and brilliant future!


“Thank you, Dorit for the good work we did together. One session only, and I still feel the touch of my ancestors on my shoulders and their words of encouragement coming across the winds of time. I have also found myself shifting from remembering the old story and adopting the new with greater kindness to all of the players in my life’s story. It is comforting to do this instead of thinking only of the pain. I know that I belong and the endless searching is no longer necessary as I have found my place in the chain of love that moves across the generations.”


“Dorit, I must tell you that I have had a big and amazing surprise in my life, which came directly out of my work with you. My youngest sister has been doing some genealogy research, and in late December she connected with my dad’s half-brother, whom Dad never knew! Dad was always looking for this younger brother, but had never met him and didn’t know his whereabouts. Now I’m daily exchanging emails with my newly found Uncle Mike, and there is much joy in this relationship! We’re planning a family reunion here in mid-March, where we’ll meet Uncle Mike and his two grown children and their families. My son Richard, his wife, and their children will be here, too–including our dear, oldest granddaughter, Sandra, who is now 19 and living with Richard and his family. When I was working with you, Sandra lived in Washington, and we rarely got to see her; now she lives down the street! And Uncle Mike will once again meet his half-sister—my Aunt—whom he last saw when he was three and she was 20. He has been trying to locate her for many years. My Aunt is now 92. I feel Mom and Dad looking over my shoulders, even as I write to you. Dorit, I’m grateful to you for all the Family Constellation work that we were able to do together. I know for certain that all of that work has continued to make shifts for me and my family. There are so many familial things that have now come into harmony. I am truly blessed in many, many ways that I didn’t perceive as possible in those days when you and I first met. With love and gratitude, Linda”

Michelle L., Pittsburgh, PA

Two years ago an important idea occurred to me to honor my grandmother. I had participated in Dorit’s family constellation workshops and had done work to see my ancestors and honor them. But I wanted to do more. With the recent passing of my grandmother in 2011, it occurred to me that there should be an app that you could use from your phone to record a loved one’s personal stories, take photos and document their lives, before it’s too late. I felt a deep passion for the idea, but due to family and work commitments I wasn’t able to bring it to fruition myself. One year later, a new company walked into my place of employment for business services with a very similar idea. I now work for that company. Through Dorit’s teaching, I believe strongly in the power of our ancestors. I believe strongly that we have the ability to manifest positive destinies for ourselves. All you need to do is attract it into your world with positive and loving thoughts. This whole notion would have seemed idealistic and silly to me prior to working with Dorit. Now I see “small miracles” all the time in my life. The difference now is that I look for them and seize them. And, that I don’t see them as coincidences, but as the forces of me and my ancestors helping me to live my best life. Thank you Dorit, you are amazing! You are invited to experience these benefits and many more for yourself.

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Individual Trans-Generational Healing In-Person Consultation, includes a personally tailored Ancestral Strength Meditation.  Online: Via Zoom Invitation upon receiving your payment. Individual Trans-Generational Healing Online Consultation Fee: $235,- USD per 60 minutes
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