The Key for Relaxation & Healing

Please enjoy this picture of deep relaxation for the Holistic Reflexology students during a crystal bowl guided meditation. The task of the Holistic Reflexologist is to bring the patient into the Alpha wave level activity of the brain, a frequency between 8 – 9.5 Hertz. The brain functions between 4 – 20 Hertz.

Intensive thinking, solving mathematical problems and emotional issues cause the brain wave level activity to go up to 20 Hertz or more.

The problems of our modern world include constant fear and worry, which causes the brain wave level activity to be up high all the time!!! This creates burn-out and chronic diseases.

The Alpha wave level activity connects a person to their inner self, provides a deep relaxation and activates the self-healing power of the body. It’s a restful sensation of floating between falling asleep and awakening.

Therefore the Holistic Reflexologists in training need to experience the Alpha State often, so it becomes second nature and they can assist their clients to reach this special state of mind.

The alpha wave level activity of the brain promotes healing and deep relaxation.

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