The Art of Foot Reading

Looking forward to teach tonight’s Holistic Reflexology Class and the exciting subject of Foot Reading. In comparison to hand reading, which reveals how a person takes action in their lives, foot reading reveals the essence of a person and what drives them. Our feet are the most hidden part of our bodies, and they reveal many secrets. Most important is to connect the pieces of the puzzle and create healing solutions for the patients so they can live a full, healthy and happy life.

Students will look at the soles of their feet in the mirror.
If you have never done this before, please get a mirror right now and check out your feet.
Your feet carry you through life. They are an important part of your body. I am always mesmerized how many people have no idea how their feet look like from the bottom. This is part of knowing who you are as a human being.
And feet can be read, just like hands. They give important clues about someone’s personality, their coping mechanisms and their talents. 

Foot Reading


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