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My experience with Dorit Brauer’s reflexology was life altering. I was going through a difficult time both physically and emotionally. I was 49. It was the beginning of menopause and all my traditional doctors wanted to put me on estrogen and antidepressants to blanket my concerns. But, I didn’t feel comfortable with that diagnosis. Something wasn’t right. I didn’t want to treat the symptom; I wanted to treat the cause. I wanted to examine why I was feeling the way I was and become healthier rather than dependant on medicines. A friend put me in touch with Dorit Brauer, a phenomenal reflexologist from Germany, who was working in the area. I was skeptical at first because after all, what can someone tell you about yourself just by manipulating your feet? I found out over the next year how wrong I was.


Reflexology is an ancient practice of Chinese origin involving the manipulation of pressure points on the feet. It seems simple, but in the hands of an expert like Dorit Brauer, it is simply amazing. Through a variety of foot manipulations, Dorit is able to move Chi, or energy throughout one’s body to enable a balancing of the body functions. In addition, reflexology also engages the mind through meditation. Dorit will move her clients through a guided meditation specifically selected to coincide with the physical issues she is treating. I believe Dorit is an intuitive, someone who has an extra gift beyond the skill of analyzing data. Countless times during my treatment she was right on in her diagnosis with what was happening with my mind-body connection. She is amazing; she just has the gift of knowing what to do and goes about it expertly. I have never experienced such a liberating approach to healing my issues. Dorit opened up a world to me I would never have believed existed. That was six years ago. I emerged from her treatment a healthier, more complete and joyful woman that I ever expected. I understand the dynamics of the mind body connection and use the meditation techniques I learned from Dorit everyday. With so much going on in our lives, one can’t always be in balance. So periodically, I return to Dorit to help me rebalance my energy fields. I always feel better after having a reflexology session and the effects are lasting. To this day, I attribute my good health to my experiences with Dorit. They provided me with so much self-knowledge that has reaped benefits long after the sessions are over.

– Mary, age 55, Bridgeville

Reflexology Path in Tel Aviv
Dorit visits a Reflexology Path in Tel Aviv

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