Thoughts of a Holistic Reflexology Teacher

Certainly, the favorite day in my week is Monday, when eight Holistic Reflexology students come to class from 5 – 9 pm. I love preparing the lessons and bringing the Art of Holistic Reflexology from Israel to Western PA. The past year I have been translating the Holistic Reflexology study material from Hebrew to English. I am the only teacher in Pittsburgh and in the State of Pennsylvania offering a 300 hour Professional Holistic Reflexology Certification. The Certification Program fulfills the requirements for Professional Membership with the Reflexology Association of America.

Please check my Reflexology page to learn more about Holistic Reflexology and how it may benefit you.

Embark onto a fulfilling career path in the fast growing field of complementary medicine.

Please view the Holistic Reflexology Certification page for more info.

Foot Chart by Dorit Brauer

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