Pain-free with Holistic Reflexology

The Positive Benefits of Reflexology

Just received a big “Thank you” from a happy patient who for the first time in two and a half years was able to walk all day absolutely pain-free. She just returned from a vacation, which included a lot of sightseeing and walking. Today was only her 4th session. She had suffered the past two and a half years from plantar fasciitis and had consulted a number of podiatrists and one orthopedic surgeon. Her treatment plan included steroid injections, insoles and orthopedic shoes. None of it helped and her condition was worsening. She was ready to opt for surgery when a friend recommended seeing me. She says the Reflexology is working and changing her life and more people should know about the positive benefits of Reflexology.


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Instructions at the Reflexology Path in Tel Aviv.
Instructions at the Reflexology Path in Tel Aviv.


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