Step into the River of Life

In 2012 I presented my workshop “Step into the River of Life – Ancestral Strength & the Labyrinth” at the Labyrinth Society Conference in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Please enjoy the workshop description and conference pictures.


In her workshop “Step into the River of Life – Ancestral Strength & the Labyrinth” Dorit Brauer combines the wisdom of the labyrinths and the strength of our ancestors in a practical and easy accessible process that will touch every participant in a positive way. Dorit Brauer discusses the principles of the systemic work and shares practical exercises in which participants will experience first-hand the influence of their ancestors on the quality of their lives and learn how to heal and release negative entanglements and trauma.


Walking labyrinths combined with the systemic approach connects you to your roots and heals the hidden dynamics in your family of origin. Difficult fates and traumatic experiences in previous generations may continue to create havoc as a hidden pattern in the present generation. This workshop shows how to release all negative entanglements to the past and let the love flow.


In her holistic medicine practice Brauer has found that walking labyrinths and the systemic approach combined offers lasting solutions to clients and she looks forward to share her findings.

St. Croix River


Path to the river

St Croix Camp

Heart-shaped canvas labyrinth

Beautiful Labyrinth created by Lisa Gidow

At the Hudson Hospital

Beautiful labyrinth created by Lisa Gidlow Moriarty at the Hudson Hospital.

Sarah Nash & Dorit Brauer

Labyrinth walk at the First Presbyterian Church.

Labyrinths & Horses

Remarkable Leaf labyrinth created by Stephen Shibley.

Remarkable leaf labyrinth created by Stephen Shibley.


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