Labyrinth Design and Installation

While a labyrinth has physical dimensions, it is a walking meditation, found in every culture on the globe. Unlike a maze filled with dead ends and multiple paths, labyrinths feature a single winding path leading to and away from the center. Walking the labyrinth provides a peaceful opportunity to take time out from the pressures of daily life and seek solutions to troubling questions, open up higher spiritual levels and connect with nature, one’s inner self or the divine.

Dorit Brauer designed and created the Labyrinth in the Meditation Garden at Nemacolin Resort.



She designed and built the seven-circuit labyrinth for the Cameron Wellness Center in Washington PA. Created out of pea gravel and river rocks it is based on a pattern dating back to Crete in 350 B.C.

The Wellness Center labyrinth is the first hospital affiliated labyrinth in Western Pennsylvania. “The labyrinth is a wonderful addition to our walking trail and supports our commitment to a holistic approach to wellness,” said Gary Weinstein, executive vice president of the Washington Hospital.

Free and open to the public year-round the labyrinth is located on the north side of the Wellness Center at Route 19 and Manifold Road in Washington PA.

For complete Labyrinth Design and Development Services, including consultation for site planning, preparation and labyrinth development, call Dorit Brauer 412–489–5100.

Enjoy the pictures of the Cameron Wellness Center Labyrinth, including the dedication ceremony.

Inner Peace and Serenity can be yours. Take the first step today.

Photos:  The Creation of the Cameron Wellness Center Labyrinth

Cameron Wellness Center: The Finished Project

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