Perdido Bay Meditation 3

Please enjoy the pictures of the stunning Perdido Bay sunset. The sky was on fire, a truly magical moment. In today’s meditation you will learn to travel in your light body and heal memories from the past. Please join:


The spiritual journey invites you to become the observer of your life, to step out of the different roles you play and your identifications. The first questions a person asks as he or she awakens spiritually are: “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go? What is my purpose?”


A meditation allows you to enter the special state to reflect upon your life. It is said that a life not reflected upon is a life not lived. Please close your eyes and bring your awareness to abdominal breathing. Breathe in the light. Radiant, bright shining benevolent light. Let it fill you entirely with radiant health, balance, peace and love. You exhale everything that does not serve you any longer, memories and emotions you are holding onto, breathe it out and let it go. Practice this for several minutes until your whole being is filled with light, you are surrounded by light and you are the light.


You breathe in the light, you breathe out the light. As you become more focused on your light body you detach from the sensations of you surroundings. There is a pull upward and you are easily able to navigate beyond time and space as you travel in your light body. You are in an observer position and easily revisit places in your life that draw your attention or are unsolved. As the observer you look at those moments from above. You gain additional insights about your actions, the words that were spoken and intentions and emotions of the people involved.


Then focus on your metaphysical heart, your center for love, self-love and healing, and send a stream of light to this memory and the people involved. Take your time until this moment is completely filled with light and peace. This is a powerful tool to heal trauma and to release memories that still have a grip on you and thus influence your present negatively, as they draw the same pattern into your life again and again.


After reflecting upon and healing your first memory you now move on to the next one. You keep on doing this until you can look at all moments in your life with a sincere sense of peace, love and understanding. You want to see all moments and people in your life filled with light and see who they truly are: special gifts for your spiritual growth on your journey through life.


Please make this process part of your daily meditations, it allows you to heal the past, embrace the present freely and only then are you able to embrace your bright and brilliant future and the possibilities in your life.

Sunset at Perdido Bay, Alabama.

Meditative Sunset

Sunset at Perdido Bay, Alabama.

Sunset at Perdido Bay, Alabama.

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