Earth Medicine – Grounding for Good Health & Mental Equilibrium

Reverence for the Earth Starts with Taking off your Shoes

People in the modern world are more disconnected from Earth than ever before.

People even feel weird taking their shoes off and walking barefoot.

Yet everything in our life depends on Earth. Earth provides everything for us to thrive. We are part of the Earth, it’s cycles and rhythms. Without Earth we wouldn’t exist.

In the 1950’s synthetic materials were invented. Rubber soles were put on shoes, eg. sneakers. Those rubber soles are insulators and disconnect us from the earth.

Nowadays the ancient practice of Grounding and Earthing is becoming popular with nature and yoga enthusiasts; as they seek healing from our modern, high-tech, stressed-out world that disconnects us from nature, as well as our own nature as human beings.

A solid Grounding Practice is a graduation requirement for my Holistic Reflexology students. A Holistic Reflexologist stimulates the nerve centers on people’s feet and is a mediator between Human and Earth.

Our feet are super sensory, there are more nerve endings in the feet than in any other part of our body.  Over 200 000 nerve endings are in each foot, continuously sending information to our brain with each step we take. For most people in the modern world the feet are a neglected and hidden part of the body. Which means people are disconnected from their true essence, not aware of who they are.

Taking your shoes off and placing your bare feet in the grass can provide a healing experience on many levels.

Science is catching up with Ancient Wisdom

Recent scientific research studies investigate the health benefits of grounding practices.

The benefits of grounding include increased cardiovascular health, pain reduction, mood improvement, better sleep,  reduction of muscle damage, reduction of stress, depression and fatigue.

Please check out the following research study and learn more: The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases published by the National Library of Medicine.

Grounding reduces inflammation, supports functions of organs and cellular function of the entire body.

The earth is endowed with electrons, which are absorbed through the feet, when you get in contact with earth.

It’s like taking handfuls of antioxidants through the feet.

Earth is a Living Being

I grew up as a farm girl and spent the first 19 years of my life on a dairy farm in German’s Lower Rhine Valley.

Earthing Grounding
The Brauer Family Farm in Germany’s Lower Rhine Valley

My natural upbringing provided me with the understanding that Earth is a living being. When one observes nature, witnesses the seasons and realizes the unbound riches nature provides for us, one can only be humble. James E. Lovelock examines this concept in his article The Earth as a Living Organism published by the National Library of Medicine.

How do different cultures view Earth?

Being trilingual I always love making connections between different cultures and different perceptions of reality.

In no other language, but the English language is Earth called Dirt. What can we learn from this?

In German topsoil is called Muttererde, which translates to Mother Earth.

In Hebrew soil is called Adama אדמה which contains the root for Adam אדם which translates to Human, or Human Being.

In German and Hebrew the connection between the human being and mother earth are clearly established in the language.

In the English language this is not the case and it informs people’s perception of reality of how they see themselves in the world and on our planet, which we all share and which connects us all.

How to ground yourself?

Are you skeptical? No problem! You do not have to believe me. Form your own opinion and experience it for yourself!

For the next 30 days sit everyday for a minimum of 30 minutes (ideally one hour) with your bare feet in the grass or walk barefooted on a beach.

Earthing provides countless health benefits.

Keep a journal and write your insights every day. Notice your inner changes with regards to stress, pain, mood, sleep and depression. Pay attention if you feel more balanced and feel higher energy levels.

My Meditation students and Holistic Reflexology students love the Grounding Meditation in which they imagine strong and healthy roots growing from their feet deep into the earth, reaching to the core of our planet and then absorbing through the soles of their feet healthy Earth energy.

It’s easy to imagine and keeps you focused while sitting with your feet barefoot in the grass.

Grounding is a powerful tool to connect people to their natural instincts and re-establishes mental equilibrium, which is essential in our post-covid world.

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