Perdido Bay Meditation 1

During my recent visit to Alabama I enjoyed spending many hours at Perdido Bay in quiet meditation. You are invited to join:


Please close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breathing. You breathe so easily to your abdomen. Imagine a radiant bright shining ball of light right above your head. Feel the presence of the light, the peace and comfort it gives to you.


You breathe in the light, feel it streaming through your lungs and from there to every cell of your body. You breathe out everything that does not serve your highest good any longer. The light within you grows and expands. Feel its pure vibration of harmony, balance, peace and infinite radiant health.


Now focus on the happiest moments in your life. Say thank you for everything that is good. More happy memories come to you. Notice that whatever you focus upon you receive more of. There are so many beautiful happy moments.


Place all these happy moments right inside your heart, your center for love, self-love and healing. Feel your smiling happy heart. Now breathe the light into your heart and it instantly transforms into a radiant bright shining sun, radiating its light all around like warm loving sunrays. Send your light out into the world; let everyone you meet be touched by your light. Let your light shine bright and radiant, now and always.


Experience instant relaxation and serenity. Listen to the meditation video Heal Yourself & Heal the World. You are invited to practice this meditation daily and experience a healthy, happy and relaxed life.

The best form of preventative medicine: Heart Health Starts with Love

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