Perdido Bay Meditation 2

Morning meditation at Perdido Bay, Alabama. You are invited to join:


Today enjoy focusing your heart and mind on gratitude. Focus on everything that is good and on everything you are thankful for. Every thought that enters your mind creates reality. Carefully choose your thoughts.


Focus on the qualities that bring joy, light, love, health and happiness into your life. It is futile to invest your thoughts and energy in the things you don’t want. Bow in front of everything you struggle with, everything that doesn’t give you peace or the things you cannot change. As you bow you become humble. We cannot understand the greater forces of the universe that are operating on us. But you all may have the experience that when you look back on your life it makes sense and there is a meaningful unfolding.


Take a few moments on exhaling everything that does not serve you. Let it go. Create the empty space inside your heart and soul to be filled with light; radiant benevolent light. Breathe in the light and focus your thoughts single-mindedly on gratitude. Say YES and THANK YOU for all that is good.


Today look at every person you meet and on everything that happens with gratitude and appreciation. Find the blessing and the gifts in every situation. Imagine you are in constant communication with the universe, and thus it will give you more of what you focus on. Just like C.G. Jung said, “We live in an intelligent and responsive universe, which acts and interacts with us at all times towards our best interest.”

Perdido Bay, Alabama.

View from my meditation bench on the pier at Perdido Bay, Alabama.


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