Experience the Power of the Labyrinth

On Saturday May 2, 2015, the seventh annual World Labyrinth Day, I built a 7-circuit labyrinth at the Pittsburgh Public Market.

While creating the labyrinth a motorcycle gang of 150 plus bikes rode by. A good sign!

Labyrinths are sacred circles found in every culture around the globe, dating back thousands of years. The labyrinth is a spiritual transformation power tool that answers our call to wholeness.

It allows you to reach states of clarity, during troubled times and turmoil. Its single winding path invites you to relax, give up control, flow and trust. Walking a labyrinth together as a group builds connection, mutual respect and compassion.


The 7-circuit labyrinth design at the Pittsburgh Public Market dates back to 350 B.C.

On May 7, 2015 we celebrated the Labyrinth Opening Ceremony.

We initiated the labyrinth with a guided meditation; a happiness game and then I played the quartz crystal singing bowls while the participants circled into inner peace and serenity.

The quartz crystal singing bowls are set for the labyrinth opening ceremony

Thank you to everyone who joined the Labyrinth Opening Ceremony

Happiness in the Labyrinth

The conclusion of the Happiness Game, which is designed to connect a group as one, is as follows: We all want the same things in life and those are not material possessions. Instead our true yearnings include health, happiness, loving and supportive relationships which are build on trust and mutual respect, and a good authentic life that is meaningful and fulfilling.



Inner Peace and Serenity can be yours. Take the first step today.


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