Dorit on French TV

November 1. 2012 I was filmed for ‘Envoyé Spécial’, which reported how meditation at the workplace helps employees in the US.

‘Envoyé Spécial’ is compared to CBS’s “60 minutes.”

We filmed at Marc USA in Pittsburgh where I have been presenting lunchtime meditations for many years.

The program was broadcasted on France 2 TV Network on November 22nd.

The producers contacted me after watching my World Healing Meditation Video on YouTube and then researched the corporate meditation page on my web-site.

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‘Envoyé Spécial’ filmed my lunchtime meditation at Marc USA in Pittsburgh, PA.

Getting ready for the lunchtime meditation.

Meditation at the workplace adds substantially to the employees’ quality of life on and off the job by reducing absenteeism and sick days.


Systematic evaluations of my classes were conducted as I taught for Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and at the Center for Complementary Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania. Please check out the Positive Benefits of Dorit’s Guided Imagery Meditations.

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