The Power of Friendship

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” —Marcel Proust

I just had the great joy to video call with my very good friend Friederike Seeliger in Germany.

We shared the same apartment in Bonn, Germany, when we were both students. Mieke studied Theology and I studied Agriculture (only for a few semesters until I took off for my solo backpacking trip to Brazil). I just learned that she cared for an offshoot of my favorite plant for 33 years. Apparently I walked into her room one day with a glass of water containing the offshoot of the plant and she kept it alive since 1988 as a reminder of our friendship. I love the power of friendship and the power of nature. Pretty awesome, isn’t it!!!

The plant Friederike kept alive since 1988 as a reminder of our friendship. Love the power of friendship and the power of nature.

Friederike is one of my close friends included in my Circle of Love mediations that I practice every morning!

In my hometown Rees, Germany, enjoying the ‘Alltagsmenschen’ sculpture exhibition.

As a meditator since 1981 I love to nourish my friendships with two powerful meditations.

I invite you, too, to nourish your friendships and build a metaphysical love connection with the people you love. I made my favorite meditations available to you on my YouTube Channel.

Practice the Circle of Love – Abundant Love Meditation!

Scientific research has shown that your thoughts and emotions about another person, affect them in either a positive or negative way.

Make sure that you operate only from the highest vibration of love and clarity.

Practice the Marvelous Manifesting Meditation!

The number one secret to manifest your heart’s desires and your dreams is, of course, to already see everyone else living it and enjoying what you wish for.

This allows you to transcend your Ego, and creates a world in which everyone thrives, is happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Your good intention creates a positive vibration in your consciousness, which eventually translates into a manifestation in the physical realm.

Practice both meditations daily for 30 days, write your notes in a journal and be amazed how your relationships flower and flourish!

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