The Importance of Unwinding in Holistic Medicine


One of the most essential concepts in Holistic Medicine is Unwinding.

Unwinding translates to the body’s ability to re-set itself for balance and healing and means that we all have the power within to heal ourselves.

Everything in the universe vibrates; it unwinds, flows, and spins.

This constant movement of creation is present in our physical bodies, it’s flow and change is essential. The Unwinding on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level is needed to maintain health and balance.

Stagnation is the opposite of life.

The task of the holistic practioner is to re-awaken in the client this innate healing power and remind them of their true essence.

Unwinding is especially emphasized in a holistic medicine and energy medicine education and Unwinding affects all aspects of life in a positive way. Please learn more about this concept in Chapter 20 of my award-winning autobiography, in which I describe my Energy Medicine Training in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Art Career Re-Launch

In 2018, 20 years after my arrival in Pittsburgh and building a successful career in Holistic Health, having accomplished everything I yearned to accomplish, I decided to re-launch my art career in the US.

Over the course of a year I created large-scale oil paintings that show how energy flows, bridging the worlds of the healing arts and the arts.

I titled this series the Unwinding series and had the great joy to teach movement classes, while playing the relaxing sound of quartz crystal singing bowls, inviting participants to unwind and listen to the natural rhythm of their bodies.

Featured artist at the Ice Gala by the German American Chamber of Commerce at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh in 2019.
“The Sixth Window,” oil on canvas, 60 x 48 inches

If the body is allowed to move freely, it will naturally release all blocked energy and stagnation.

My inspiration for the paintings of the Unwinding Series is to serve as a positive catalyst by bringing light and playfulness to the viewer.

The viewer is invited to trace the unwinding patterns as they create a flow that extends far beyond the canvas. The eyes, fingertips and, soon, the whole body may move with an inner rhythm that has been awakened. At this point one might feel the urge to move lightly or even dance! These paintings are an invitation to be in the moment, listen within and follow the next impulse, leading to a natural unwinding of the body and spirit.

The vibrant primal colors resonate within us, too, and influenced by our life experiences prompt an inner response.

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