A Labyrinth at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden


Step Into Your Power I had the great pleasure to present a life-transforming labyrinth experience at one of my favorite places: the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. We scheduled two events in which students learned the ancient tool of walking a labyrinth for healing, wholeness and meditation. Labyrinths date back as early as 400 BCE. I created […]

Labyrinth Meditation for Healthy Aging


Walking The Sacred Labyrinth Path I had the great pleasure to build a labyrinth and teach an inspiring labyrinth meditation class at the Providence Point Retirement Community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for their Healthy Aging Initiative.  During my presentation I shared the origin and history of labyrinths, told inspiring anecdotes from my 7430-mile solo cross country […]

Create a sacred space in your own backyard!

Dorit Brauer Road Trip

Labyrinth expert and designer Dorit Brauer creates unique and one of a kind sacred labyrinths in private and public nature settings. A labyrinth brings merit and value to every environment. Immediate positive benefits of walking a labyrinth are stress reduction, inner peace, clarity, focus, problem solving and peace of mind. These inner qualities are essential […]

Labyrinth Meditation with Dorit


The Sacred Journey Within. Labyrinths are sacred circles found in every culture around the globe, dating back thousands of years. The circle has no beginning and no end. It is a doorway to another dimension and it allows us to become whole and experience oneness, fulfilling the deepest yearning of the human soul. The sacred […]

Spiritual Journeys Celebration

meditation & motorcycles

Celebrating International Female Ride Day and World Labyrinth Day Author Dorit Brauer organizes every first Saturday in May a Spiritual Journey in celebration of International Female Ride Day and World Labyrinth Day. In celebration of the 10th International Female Ride Day and World Labyrinth Day participants joined this special event in May 2016: A Motorcycle […]

Paths to Reflection: Labyrinths lead woman to a new life in Ventura


By Brett Johnson, Ventura County Star, November 28, 2006 Labyrinths and motorcycles – it makes perfect sense to Dorit Brauer, new to Ventura and into another of life’s chapters. She left a budding career in Pittsburgh for a six-week cross-country road trip this summer, just her and her Suzuki Bandit, toting both saddlebags and spiritual […]