Breathing Space!

Breathing Space for Good Health, Healing and Preventative Medicine

In Holistic Medicine Breathing Space is a necessity for good health, healing and prevention.

Breathing Space allows you to detach from the demands of a busy life, to re-boot and to replenish, while gaining a new perspective.

For me, as an artist, author and founder and owner of The Brauer Institute for Holistic Medicine, I require breathing space in order to nourish my soul and to create. I schedule breathing space and flow time in my calendar and enjoy a comfortable work-life-balance.

Life is growth and evolution. If you take the time to connect to who you really are, you will always be aligned with your soul’s purpose.

In Hebrew the words Breath and Soul share the same root, indicating a profound metaphysical connection and symbolizing the core essence of who we are. 

Neshima and Neshama: נְשִׁימָה and נְשָׁמָה

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
Together with friend and artist Claire Hardy at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort’s Meditation Garden.

Breathing Space in my Art 

In my creative process I love focusing on a theme that is close to my heart, express it visually and evolve with the energy over the course of a year. My oil paintings emerge over eight to twelve months, allowing two to three weeks for the oil paint to dry after each new layer, while working on multiple (12 – 20) canvases simultaneously. Hence the one year chapters, e.g. Unwinding, Cosmic Resurgence, Blossom Into Being. 

In preparation for my Artist Residency at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in September 2022 I chose the subject of Breathing Space and had the great joy to explore the meditative beauty at Nemacolin with the wonderful Claire Hardy, friend and master artist, for my Mindful Painting Experiences and Meditation Art walks during the Artist Residency. 

Ohiopyle Meditation Relaxation
Breathing Space at Ohiopyle.

Please make sure to check out Claire’s portfolio, she is a creative visionary and introduced me to the Nemacolin art director. Claire and I share the same philosophy: we both love travel and intend to live beautiful, meaningful lives, constantly expanding our horizons by exploring uncharted territory. We channel our inner and outer discoveries into our paintings, enriching the viewer with beauty and vibrant energy. 

The Laurel Mountains and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort offer the most majestic Breathing Spaces and inspire the cultivation of inner and outer sanctuaries. I look forward to share with you this beautiful journey and hope to inspire you to discover more breathing space in your life.

Relax and Replenish in Nature.

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