Open your Heart – 4 week Online Meditation Course

meditation sound healer

Join this life-changing meditation course Newest scientific research shows that the heart contains around 40.000 brain-like cells called sensory neurites, which can store information independently from the brain. The electrical […]

Breathing Space!

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Breathing Space for Good Health, Healing and Preventative Medicine In Holistic Medicine Breathing Space is a necessity for good health, healing and prevention. Breathing Space allows you to detach from […]

online Free Holistic Reflexology Lecture

reflexology certification

Everything you ever wanted to know about Holistic Reflexology! Please join us for an informative evening about Holistic Medicine and Prevention. In Europe and Israel Holistic Reflexology is covered by […]

Immune Health 101

Dorit Brauer Meditation

A Meditation & Guided Imagery Workshop -Boost your immune system health with three scientifically proven easy steps. -Learn healthy mental habits that will keep your immune system strong. -Fight off […]

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