Why meditate?

The regular practice of meditation and guided imagery is the most powerful form of preventative medicine. It reduces stress, which is a major cause for many diseases.

Meditation and guided imagery shows you how to achieve positive changes in your body through the power of your mind.

Every thought that enters your mind creates reality.

On a personal level you can very easily observe this fact. If you entertain positive thoughts and feel happy you are having a good day. If you are down and upset the opposite happens.

I would like to share three simple meditation exercises with you:

1. Breathe to your abdomen. When you are stressed you breathe to your chest. Abdominal breathing activates your parasympathetic nervous system and breaks the stress cycle.

2. Focus on happy memories. Feel the vibration of happiness and joy. Feel the smile on your lips. Research has shown that a happy outlook on life strengthens your immune system. And please remember that whatever you focus on you get more of.

3. Visualize yourself surrounded by bright-shining, benevolent light. The light is all around you. It protects you and shields you from all harmful influences. Through you breathing you bring this light into your body.

Let it fill you entirely and exhale everything that does not serve your highest good. The light cleanses and purifies your entire being. Make this a daily habit, so you don’t internalize negative emotions and stress which, over time, may manifest as disease in your physical body.


Scientific studies have proven that the regular practice of meditation and guided imagery has many positive benefits. These include:

  • control of blood pressure with less medication
  • reduction in chronic pain
  • improvements in sleep
  • reduction of premenstrual symptoms
  • reduction of nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • reduction in anxiety
  • and more


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