Open Your Heart: 4-Week Meditative Journey


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  • Learn to love and accept yourself fully.
  • Find harmony, peace and love in all your relationships.
  • Discover and communicate with your infinite eternal self, the pure essence of love and light.


All guided meditations are accompanied by the relaxing sound of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, which induce alpha wave level activity of the brain, balance the hemispheres of the brain and resonate within every cell of your body, creating health, balance and harmony.

Join us for this experience which will transform your life.

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Please enjoy these client testimonials and see how the Open Your Heart Course will benefit you:

Meditation Client Testimonials

“Thank you for the best class I have ever taken. It was Life Changing!”

“I took the Open Your Heart course because I felt like the weight of responsibilities and pressures in my life was causing me to drift further and further from my true self. I wanted to find my way back to the sense of balance and inner peace I used to have. The weekly meditations helped me to reconnect with my self, the quiet place within me. I gained valuable insights from the meditations and discussions, and also developed greater awareness and appreciation of my own strengths and attributes. Dorit is a caring and gifted teacher. I would highly recommend the Open Your Heart course to anyone who is seeking to grow and learn, whatever their reasons or circumstances.”

“The OPEN YOUR HEART course was a unique opportunity to find peace within myself. Through a mix of conversation and meditation, I was able to discover and find value in my strengths, explore and appreciate what’s contributed to where I am now, and then set a course and a plan for where I want to be in the future. Dorit provided exceptional direction, and—best of all — tools to take away and continue to open my heart!”

“This course was amazing! After this course, I felt much calmer, peaceful, and more capable of loving myself and others. I use the techniques learned daily to “let go and let God” take care of my concerns and problems from trivial to overwhelming. I’ve also noticed an increase in answers coming to me, presenting themselves without much effort on my part – in fact, soon after taking the course a special man came into my life and we are still dating! I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to become more loving of self and others and more receptive of the many miracles life has to offer – if we just open our hearts and accept them.”

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