During this time of global pandemic your resilience is more important than ever. The Brauer Institute provides the tools and education to maintain a high level of physical and psychological wellness. Preventative medicine is the key to your well-being and thriving during times of stress.

Mark G, Copywriter, Thousand Oaks, CA

I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis when I saw Dorit first for Reflexology. I had difficulty walking and every step was painful. After several sessions, I was able to walk “like any normal person” without pain. I have also been able to get on the treadmill at the gym which is something I always wanted to do.

My life has changed in a positive way. My condition made me feel “old” and now that is not the case. I walk with ease, the foot pain is gone.

The major benefit to me was to fix the Plantar Fasciitis. But, I expect that it has also restored the balance in my various organs that may have been the cause of this in the first place. I highly recommend Reflexology to anyone who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis or foot pain.

Other symptoms disappeared after the first session. I had seen a chiropractor for many years for pain in my neck and jaws. The jaws loosened and the stiffness in the neck relaxed following the first session. And I didn’t even mention these symptoms to Dorit, expecting that only my feet would be treated. But Reflexology treats through the feet the entire body.

Laura Roth, Orchestral Flutist Instructor, Richards Institute of Education and Research, Ventura, CA

When I first went to see Dorit Brauer for Reflexology, I was depressed and anxious. I always left the sessions feeling lighter, more clear and grounded. These benefits were cumulative over time so that my life started feeling more hopeful. Conflicts with family members lessened as I became calmer and happier.

I think the greatest benefit for me has been my increased clarity, peace of mind and heart. The changes have been deep. And through Dorit’s Family Constellation work, I feel much more connected, whole and positive. Wonderful changes have occurred in my relationships that have been effortless since I began the work with Dorit. Thank you!

Allison M Maires, Ventura, CA

Dorit’s work is healing on all levels – feet, body, mind and spirit, plus it just plain old feels really good and is really relaxing. I was suffering from plantar fasciitis when I initially sought Dorit’s help. Reflexology from Dorit was the only relief I had and has kept me on my feet running, working out backpacking and skiing.

Additionally, Dorit was of great assistance to my step daughter in living with constant pain and preparing emotionally and spiritually for a surgery which was terrifying to her. Dorit’s holistic approach of mind, body and spirit, and the guided meditation she takes you through during the reflexology treatment are unique in health practitioners. She brings a level of professionalism to her work blended with a caring and nurturing attitude which make her part of a new level of health practitioner. I am grateful for the opportunity to have benefited from her skill.

Stacy, Mt. Lebanon, PA

I had suffered from headaches (including migraines) for 20 years of my life (on average 3-4x/week), but I didn’t start going to Dorit for that reason. Initially, I just thought that reflexology would be a good way to relax each week, if nothing else, which certainly couldn’t hurt. I have had full body massages and there is no comparison to the level of relaxation obtained through reflexology. It is the most relaxing state of being. Initially, other than being able to completely relax for an hour a week, toxins were being released and I was feeling different, even though I couldn’t quite pinpoint anything specific. I just knew that I was feeling better in some way and more calm from the inside out and the benefits were lasting between visits.

Reflexology is a cumulative process of ridding your body of toxins, and, as a result, your body has more energy to maintain your health. Her guided meditation at the beginning of the reflexology treatments is very unique and beneficial as part of the whole process. Through Dorit’s holistic approach and guidance, you begin to see the connection between mind, body and spirit and can begin to work through health issues. I haven’t had a migraine in 3 years. Working with Dorit has been life changing and continues to be.

Linda, Upper St. Clair, PA

When I was 45 years old I was fortunate to be accepted to Law School and begin a path that I had dreamed of since I was a young woman. I enrolled in the part-time program while I continued to work full time as a travel agent. I also have three children and a husband —so to say life was hectic is an understatement. During my first year of school my oldest daughter went to Dorit for reflexology and called me immediately to say it was a wonderful experience and something I should do. I made an appointment for the next week.

For the next three and a half years I had reflexology at least monthly as I kept up with a grueling schedule and new demands on my already stressed immune system. I did well in school and was not sick at all during that time. I know that the work Dorit did to keep my body opened and balanced is the main reason I had the stamina that I needed every single day. I am beginning my tenth year of reflexology with Dorit and although I always knew how beneficial it was, it was never more clear than when I went several months without a session. When I finally saw Dorit again my body responded in an unbelieveable manner. It’s like the axiom that you “don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.” I will always keep reflexology wiith Dorit as a very important tool for health and well-being, along with her meditation and family constellation therapy classes. I have been blessed with wonderful guidance in my life and meeting Dorit is a true example of that.

Mary, age 55, Bridgeville, PA

My experience with Dorit Brauer’s reflexology was life altering. I was going through a difficult time both physically and emotionally. I was 49. It was the beginning of menopause and all my traditional doctors wanted to put me on estrogen and antidepressants to blanket my concerns. But, I didn’t feel comfortable with that diagnosis. Something wasn’t right. I didn’t want to treat the symptom; I wanted to treat the cause. I wanted to examine why I was feeling the way I was and become healthier rather than dependant on medicines. A friend put me in touch with Dorit Brauer, a phenomenal reflexologist from Germany, who was working in the area. I was skeptical at first because after all, what can someone tell you about yourself just by manipulating your feet? I found out over the next year how wrong I was.

Reflexology is an ancient practice of Chinese origin involving the manipulation of pressure points on the feet. It seems simple, but in the hands of an expert like Dorit Brauer, it is simply amazing. Through a variety of foot manipulations, Dorit is able to move Chi, or energy throughout one’s body to enable a balancing of the body functions. In addition, reflexology also engages the mind through meditation. Dorit will move her clients though a guided meditation specifically selected to coincide with the physical issues she is treating. I believe Dorit is an intuitive, someone who has an extra gift beyond the skill of analyzing data, Countless times during my treatment she was right on in her diagnosis with what was happening with my mind-body connection. She is amazing; she just has the gift of knowing what to do and goes about it expertly.

I have never experienced such a liberating approach to healing my issues. Dorit opened up a world to me I would never have believed existed. That was six years ago. I emerged from her treatment a healthier, more complete and joyful woman that I ever expected. I understand the dynamics of the mind body connection and use the meditation techniques I learned from Dorit everyday. With so much going on in our lives, one can’t always be in balance. So periodically, I return to Dorit to help me rebalance my energy fields. I always feel better after having a reflexology session and the effects are lasting. To this day, I attribute my good health to my experiences with Dorit. They provided me with so much self-knowledge that has reaped benefits long after the sessions are over.

Sherry C., Upper St. Clair, PA

The first time I went for reflexology with Dorit Brauer, nearly 10 years ago, it was purely for fun — thinking that an hour’s foot rub would be pretty nice. I was amazed to find that the experience touched me on many levels. After my first few reflexology treatments, I went straight to a closet where I had been storing some clothing and things that had belonged to my mother who died nearly 15 years earlier. I immediately proceeded to pack them all and gave them away. I didn’t realize that I had been holding on to unprocessed feelings for so long. That was the first time that reflexology helped to remove an emotional block that I wasn’t even aware that I was carrying.

Now, reflexology for me is about grounding and restoring balance. I find that if I follow Dorit’s instruction, “to let the process work on you”, I continue to remove blocks to my thinking and move confidently in directions that I hadn’t contemplated before.

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