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Holistic Reflexology Certification Introduction

July 21, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

reflexology certification

Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling career path in the fast growing field of Holistic Medicine?

Become a Holistic Reflexologist!
Holistic Reflexology is a calm and soothing stimulation of the pressure point of the feet, which balances the entire body.
In Europe and Israel Holistic Reflexology is covered by health insurance and physicians write referrals. It is very well integrated into the health care system and the positive benefits are well documented in scientific research studies.

Join this informative introduction lecture to the Holistic Reflexology Certification Program starting September 8. 2021, from 4 – 5 pm via Zoom.

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About the Teacher: Dorit Brauer is the owner and founder of the Brauer Institute for Holistic Medicine. In 2016 she received the Immigrant Entrepreneur Award from Global Pittsburgh in recognition of her achievements and enriching the Pittsburgh region with her talent and tenacity since her arrival in 1998. She brings the most comprehensive knowledge of Holistic Reflexology from Israel to the US.

Program Content:

  • The Holistic View of the World
  • Basic Principles of Holistic Foot Reflexology
  • Requirements for the Holistic Reflexologist
  • Anatomy of the Bodily Systems
  • Energy Medicine
  • Mapping the Feet
  • Relaxation & Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Hands-on-Study
  • Case Studies
  • Specific Applications: Holistic Reflexology for chronic pain, migraine headaches, digestive disorders, PMS, hypertension, allergies, insomnia, depression, sinus problems, stress, menopause, fibromyalgia, infertility, plantar fasciitis and more.
  • Patient Intake
  • Foot-Analysis
  • The Ancestral Connection
  • Reading the Feet
  • The Individual Treatment Plan
  • Precautions & Ethics

Please read the Reflexology Certification Testimonials and learn how this certification program will help you and your clients:

Dr. Lori Wynn, PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy

I had been reading Dorit’s email newsletters for several years, as recommended to me by my sister, an enthusiastic reflexology client of Dorit’s. When I found myself at a crossroads in my life, both personally and professionally, her newsletter seemed to have shouted out to me that a Reflexology Certification course was to begin the following week. I followed my intuition and called Dorit, and when making my final decision to in fact take the plunge, to sign up for the intensive 300-hour course, I was overwhelmed with emotion but still unsure why.
It is now clear to me that my instincts were guiding me perfectly in exactly the direction that was meant for me. I have learned not only the locations of the reflexes on the feet and how to stimulate them. I have learned so much more. I have learned and have embodied the emotional and spiritual components of the organs and systems, and how to move stuck energy within myself first, so that I can now comfortably assist each client’s individual healing process by assisting in moving stuck energy within them. I have learned to do this by using consciousness, stimulation of the reflex points, but most importantly I have learned to do so with the utmost care and concern for the client. I have learned, most critically, to not only do this work always from the highest place of gratitude, balance, peace and love at all times, but to live my life from that place as well.
Dorit is unlike any person I’ve ever met, full of light, joy, happiness, knowledge, patience and adventure. Most importantly for me, she has graciously shared her knowledge with her students, what I consider to be one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received, truly a new perception of reality. That I can take this gift and pass it along in the form of healing to my clients is enough, but that it has changed my life, my relationships with my family and friends and the world as I participate in it, is more than I ever thought I would have gained from this course.

Stacey Hillman, RN

“I have much appreciation for Dorit’s vision and dedication to bringing her Holistic Reflexology training to our area from Israel. Her commitment to helping others to live a healthy, full, and happy life is evident in her teachings and meditations.  The intense 300-hour course is the only certification in Pennsylvania and provides the student with exceptional hands-on experiences, scientifically proven benefits of reflexology, and in-depth case study to witness the betterment of a client’s overall emotional and physical health.  I have practiced the art of caring for individuals as a registered nurse since 1995 and searched for a long time to find tools that can empower people and give them options to complement their healing process in emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects. As well, I have observed over the last few decades, the aftermath of unbalanced lifestyles and chronic, high stress on each of the body’s organ systems and found this holistic modality to be a key to turn off these imbalances. It enables the body to take a break from the stressors then enabling the body’s natural healing ability to do its job to restore equilibrium.
Over the past fourteen months, my own spark and zest for life has reignited on a much higher, happier degree, my determination is clearer and more focused, and my physical energy has increased through classroom and classmate exchanges, self growth, and self discovery.  Sessions have been a joy to share with my family, friends, and clients and the perspective that I have gained through Dorit’s training on the use reflexology, as preventative care has been life changing.  The solid foundation and support that Dorit has provided through her wealth of knowledge in reflexology, business principles, and continuing education is priceless and much gratitude to Dorit for sharing.  My own life has taken on a brighter shine, a keener awareness of all that is, and deeper appreciation for all of Creation.  I look forward to continuing to touch people’s feet and lives in my holistic wellness practice and to guide them towards a life of balance in mind, body, and spirit.”

Read more Certification Testimonials.

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Call Dorit Brauer for details and student requirements, in order to be accepted into this Certification Program: 412 – 925 – 0812


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