Ancestral Strength & The Power of Strong Roots

Please enjoy the newest video: The Ancestral Strength Guided Meditation.

A Guided Meditation for You

This guided imagery meditation opens the door for trans-generational healing and thus allows you to connect to your inner strength and an unbound life force.

Imagine there is a life force you receive through both of your birth parents, a force that comes from your ancestors. You can only receive it if you let go of your judgment of how life came to you, and simply say, “Yes” to the gift of life exactly the way you received it.

Imagine that it’s like an engine that carries you through life. You are born with 100% potential. But then for example in a hypothetic scenario someone believes their father wasn’t present and they judge it as wrong. Consequently that person is energetically cut off from the father’s ancestral line and now their engine runs on only 50%. Then, let’s say, something happens in the relationship to the mother and that person feels not taken care of and the potential goes down below 50%.

The art of trans-generational healing is to learn to become neutral towards how the gift of life came to you, without judgment towards your birth parents, so the life force can stream to you and then from you onward to the future generations.

Now consider the numbers of ancestors who stand behind you from your maternal and paternal sides; seven generations back there are 128 ancestors; eight generations back there are 256 ancestors; nine generations 512 and ten generations 1024 and so forth. Imagine in the 11th generation back there are 2048 destinies, men and women who came together and passed on the gift of life. You have received the gift of life through them, through the men and women from different backgrounds, different social classes, different countries, separated by different dialect and languages. Even if some were enemies who fought against each other in wars, their bloodlines flow in your veins. Imagine that your responsibility, as a human being, is to appreciate this magnificent gift.

This contemplation is for your own benefit. The quality of your life and your well-being may be at stake. You are not justifying people’s actions or making excuses. It means that you broaden your perspective and look at where your life came from and then you can appreciate it. You take full responsibility for your own part, as a child, and become humble in front of the greater forces of life. Then you can see that your role is only to take the gift of life from your parents. That’s all, no judgment, no analysis, just take this gift and then you make the best out of it. The moment you judge, you may suffer. In a way this means to agree to life, exactly the way it is, to transcend polarity, overcome judgment and reach a place of unity, where everything is and has a right to exist.

DISCLAIMER: A guided imagery meditation is designed to create a positive inner shift in the perception of reality for a stable and mentally healthy human being.

It does NOT imply to take any actions in the physical realm. It is important to point out that there are cases, where it is not safe to physically get in touch with the birthparents, and it is strictly advised against.

In my spiritual work I have observed that during this guided imagery for some meditation students it was too difficult to connect to the parents and they had to skip a generation. In that case one immediately brings in the grandparents or great-grandparents and then the next generations.

This meditation works beyond time and space, and can be practiced if your parents are deceased or if you have never met them (in case of adoption). You will find that the more love and respect you give, the more love and respect you receive. This will affect all the relationships in your life in a positive way.

You are invited to watch this guided meditation again and again. Please keep a journal and record your insights.

Learn about my life-transforming ancestral strength experience that inspired this meditation in my award-winning ‘Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth’ in chapter 26.

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