What Do You Read?

Reading is a form of prayer, a guided meditation that briefly makes us believe we’re someone else, disrupting the delusion that we’re permanent and at the center of the universe. Suddenly (we’re saved!) other people are real again, and we’re fond of them. —George Saunders

Author Dorit Brauer
The books I love!

Your reading preferences influence how you see the world and how you live your life. My preferences have always been true stories and travel adventures. The two books that inspired me profoundly, which I read at 17, were ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values’ and ‘Tracks,’ which chronicles Robyn Davidson’s 1,700-mile trek from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean on foot with four camels and a dog as her companions.

23 years later I embarked on my own epic journey and then wrote my award-winning autobiography ‘Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth’ chronicling my modern day pilgrimage in which I embark onto a 7,430-mile solo motorcycle adventure across the US to walk labyrinths, sharing a very personal journey starting with a life-shattering experience at age 15. I began asking questions: Where do we come from? What is our purpose? Where do we go? I became a seeker and my spiritual adventure began, leading me from Europe to South America, to the Middle East and eventually to the US.

One of the spiritual transformation power tools that I use during my motorcycle cross country road trip are labyrinths. These ancient walking meditations originated in a time when body and mind were not separate. The sacred circle connects body, mind and spirit back to oneness and connects you to your true self.



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