Holistic Reflexology for Better Health

Holistic Medicine

I am happy to announce that following the long Covid-break I am re-opening my Holistic Reflexology practice.
Holistic Reflexology is a calm and soothing stimulation of the pressure points of the feet, it is based on Chinese Medicine and aims to restore health, balance and inner equilibrium.
I am in practice for 30 years and I received my Holistic Medicine education in Israel, where Holistic Reflexology is covered by health insurance, physicians write referrals and Holistic Reflexology is very well integrated in the health care system.
In 1998, I started my Holistic Medicine career in the US at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, at the Center for Integrative Medicine, on the team with Dr. David Servan-Schreiber.
Please learn more about Holistic Reflexology and how it may benefit you.

Holistic Reflexology for Better Health

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